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Legislative Leadership & Policy Highlights

Leadership Highlights:

2017 79th Legislative Session

-Committee Assignments:  Assembly Government Affairs Committee; Transportation                                                 and Legislative Operations & Elections 

-Interim Chair, Legislative Committee on Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice

-Recipient, Emerge America Ambition to Action Award

-Council of State Government’s Western Legislative Academy- Class President

-National Recognized as a New Deal Leader

2019 80th  Legislative Session

-Appointed Assistant Majority Floor Leader                                                                                                                      First Black Female to Hold a Leadership Position in the Nevada State Assembly

Nevada Legislature, 1st in the Nation to have a Female Majority

-Chair, Assembly Committee on Growth & Infrastructure

-Interim Chair, Legislative Committee on Energy

-Vice-Chair, Nevada Black Legislative Caucus

-Appointed, Governor’s Advisory Board on Maternal & Child Health

-Appointed, Cooperative Extension Advisory Board

-State Legislative Leaders Program—Emerging Legislative Leaders Graduate                                                            Darden School of Business – University of Virgina

-Recipient, City of Las Vegas African American Trailblazer Community Activism                                                         and Politics Award  


2021 81st Legislative Session

-Second term serving as the Assistant Majority Floor Leader

-Chair, Assembly Committee on Growth & Infrastructure

-Vice-Chair, Assembly Ways and Means Committee

-Interim Chair, Legislative Committee on Growth & Infrastructure

-Chair, Nevada Black Legislative Caucus

-Appointed, Southern Nevada Enterprise Community Board

-Appointed, Nevada Advisory Council on Federal Assistance

-Appointed, Governor’s Workforce Development Board

-Future Now Program Fellow, 2021 Cohort


Legislative Policy Highlights:


Economic Development / Commerce & Labor /Revenue:

-AB235; 2017 Enacts the Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act NRS 232

-AB489; 2019 Revises Provisions Relating to Grant – Federal Grant Match Pilot                                                          Program NRS 575 

-AB308; 2019 Revises Provisions Relating to the Modified Business Tax with a                                                           Employer/Employee Education Tax Credit ---Measure Failed

-AB181; 2019** Revises Provisions Governing Employment Attendance Practices NRS 65    

-AB190; 2019** Revises Provisions Relating to Certain Construction---NRS 132 

-AB466; 2019 Requires the Creation of a Pilot Program to Facilitate Certain                                                                Financial Transactions Relating to Marijuana ---NRS 403 

-AB445; 2021 Revises Provisions Relating to Financial Administration the  of Grant Procurement and Federal Assistance ---NRS 545  

-AB387; 2021 Revises Provisions Relating to Midwives ---Measure Failed              

-AB105; 2021* Revises Provisions Governing Interscholastic Activities --NRS 511

-AB331; 2021** Makes Various Changes to Provisions Relating to Affordable                                                               Housing ---Measure Failed

-AB365; 2021* * Revises Provisions Relating to Governmental Administration                                                            Dignity and Respect in the Workplace—NRS 317                                                                                                                                                     



`-SB249; 2017* Requires Instruction in Financial Literacy and Economics in Public Schools---NRS 456

-AB234; 2019 Makes Various Changes to the Program for Child Care and Development ---NRS 380

-AB253; 2019* Provides for the Establishment of the Pre-Kindergarten and                                                                Expansion Program---Measure Failed

-AB284; 2019 Revises Provisions Governing the Alternative Route to Licensure of Certain Teachers who

Teach Pupils with Certain Disabilities-- --Measure Failed

-AB343; 2019 Establishes Provisions Relating to Mental Health Training for                                                                Educators (Student Sponsored Bill) ---Measure Failed

-AB138; 2019** Revises Provisions Governing Pupils who are Children of Military                                                       Personnel/Interstate Education Compact---NRS 56

-AB304; 2019** Revises Requirements Relating to Class Sizes in Public Schools NRS 184

-AB371; 2021* Enacts Provisions Governing Discrimination Based on Race                                                                  Related to Bullying and Cyberbullying ----NRS 507


Government Affairs:

-AB436; 2017 Revises Provisions Governing Business ---NRS 426

-AB280; 2017* Revises Provisions Relating to Preferences in Bidding for Certain                                                                   Contracts for Businesses Based in this State ---NRS 572

-AB382; 2019 Revises Provisions Relating to the Compensation of Certain                                                                            Public Safety Employees----Measure Failed

-AB176 2019** Enacts the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights---NRS 478            

-AB174; 2019** Establishes the Nevada Interagency Advisory Council on Homelessness to Housing ---NRS 343   

-AB136; 2019** Makes Various Changes Relating to Prevailing Threshold on                                                                        Public Construction---NRS 174    

-AB336; 2021 Requires the Establishment of Standards for an Annua Behavioral Wellness Visit for

Peace Officers---NRS 129   

-AB254; 2021** Revises Provisions Governing Collegiate Athletics/Student Compensation ---NRS 202  


Growth & Infrastructure / Natural Resources

-AB152; 2019 Revises Provisions Relating to Cultural Resources and Certain                                                              Grave Sites /NV Ice Age Park---NRS Chapter 110

-AB363; 2019* Revises Certain Provisions Relating DMV ID’s for Homeless Youth --- NRS 635 

-SB547;2019* Revises Provisions Relating to Providers of New Electric Resources NRS 556

-AB382; 2019 Revises Provisions Relating to the Compensation of Certain Public

Safety Employees --- Measure Failed

-AB465; 2019 Establishes Provisions for the Expanded Solar Access Program  NRS 369

-AB483; 2019 Revises Provisions Relating to Motor Vehicles Data Gathering Pilot Program ---NRS 498

-AB413; 2021 Requires the Dept. of Transportation to Establish an Advisory                                                               Working Group to Study Certain Issues Related to Transportation.During the 2021-2022 Interim ---NRS 43    

-SB389; 2021* Establishes Provisions Governing Peer to Peer Car Sharing  Program---NRS 313                                       


Health & Human Services:

-AB141; 2017* Revises the Organizational Structure and Purpose of the                                                                             Office of Minority Health---NRS Chapter 377

-AB169; 2019 Establishes the Maternal Mortality Review Committee ---                                                                                        NRS Chapter 09

-AB232; 2019* Makes Various Changes to provisions Governing Hospitals                                                     Relating to Medicare Participation---NRS 424

-AB129; 2019** Requires Certain First Responders to Receive Certain Training                                                                         Concerning Persons with Development Disabilities---NRS 341

-AB287; 2021 Revises Provisions Relating to Licensing Freestanding Birthing                                                                                     Centers---NRS 517                    

-AB189; 2021* Expands Medicaid Coverage for Certain Pregnant Women                                                                                      NRS 398 

-AB119; 2021* Revises Provisions Relating to the Maternal Mortality Review                                                                                     Committee ---NRS 85     

-AB224; 2021* * Provides for Access to Menstrual Products in Certain Public                                                                           Schools  ---NRS 503

-AB255; 2021** Revises Provisions Governing Boards of Trustees of School Districts --- Measure Failed               


Judiciary / Child Welfare & Justice: 

-AB180; 2017 Enacts the Juvenile Justice Bill of Rights---NRS 165

-AB303; 2017 Requires the Core Correctional Services be Provided Only by the

State or a Local Government with Certain Exceptions—VETOED

-AB183; 2019 Prohibits Certain Correctional Services from Being Provided by                                                                         Private Entities --- NRS Chapter 178

-AB322; 2019 Makes Appropriation to Support the Operation of Juvenile                                                                                                                   Assessment Centers ---NRS Chapter 493

-AB247; 2019* Makes Various Changes Relating to the Care of Children-                                                        Parental Authority to Authorize Power of Attorney—Measure Fail

-AB248; 2019* Prohibits a Settlement Agreement from Containing Provisions that                                                                                    Prohibit or Restrict a Party from Disclosing Certain Information                                                                             under Certain Circumstances ---NRS 145

-AB192 2019** Establishes a Procedure for Sealing Records when Certain                                                       Offenses are Decriminalized---NRS 256

-SB173; 2019** Revises Provisions Relating to Criminal Convictions of Victims of                                                                                                      Sex Trafficking and Involuntary Servitude---NRS 77

-AB142; 2019** Eliminates the Statute of Limitations for the Prosecution of                                                                                   Sexual Assault in Certain Circumstances---NRS 263

-SB143; 2019** Repeals, Revises and Reenacts Provisions Relating to Background                                                                                                      Checks for Certain Sales or Transfers of Firearms---NRS 02                                                                        

-AB157; 2021 Authorizes a Person who is the Victim of Certain Discriminatory                                                                                             Conduct Relating to an Incident Involving a Peace Officer to                                                  Bring a Civil Action Under Certain Circumstances –NRS 86

-AB158; 2021 Revises the Penalties for Certain Offenses Involving Alcohol                                                  or Cannabis ---NRS 183      

-AB111; 2021* Revises Provisions Relating to the Peace Officers Standards and                                                                    Training Commission ---NRS 116                                                                               


Legislative Operations & Elections:

-ACR3; 2017 Memorializes Fallen North Las Vegas Police Detective                                                                             Chad Parque

-ACR9; 2019 Celebrates the Life of Assemblyman Odis “Tyrone” Thompson

-SB336; 2019* Requires Governor to Annually Proclaim July 28th as the                                                                          Buffalo Soldiers Day in the State of Nevada--


*= Primary Bill Sponsor 

**=  Bill Co-Sponsor

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